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The Meta-organizational level in descision making

The organizations are not stand-alone sets. They operate within the economic system of society and asked to respond to decisions maken by the community.

The administrative model in decision making.

With the administrative model, people besieged by requests are consider as the people in charge, but on the other hand they have litle time to make decisions and therefore seek shortcuts to find acceptable solutions.

The Total Quality management (TQM) for organizational excellence.

The Total Quality Management (TQM), which was developed in Japan since 1950 and expanded several years later in America, is a substantial new management philosophy that greatly affects the operation of industry and business in general. Total quality management is the management system under which seeks to maximize the value of the supplied product as perceived by the customer with the full participation of all employees.

The decision-making process in the European Union. Creating policies for the Europeans.

In Modern democratic states the action policy decisions formulated at two levels: